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Product Introduction

The chair is designed specially for the old people and the handicapped people. It is make the people stand easily!


1. Upholstery: PU, Natural leather, Micro-fabric and flocking fabric

2. Three position: Recliner, seat and lift position

3. Function: Vibration, heater for choose

4. Vibration: 8 motors vibration massage systerm

5. Wall huger / Double motor is avaliable

What is article of furniture Lifter?

Furniture carryer could be a tool that you'll use to lift your article of furniture for any purpose. article of furniture carryers may be accustomed lift the furniture to wash beneath it or to arrange it. It makes the lifting method of the article of furniture terribly simple and easy.

The main element of the article of furniture lifter could be a long stick sort of a factor that is truly the lever. The stick will either be totally straight or slightly bend at the center. At the highest a part of the stick is provided a foamy or soft plastic protect a more robust and cozy grip. and therefore the lower finish of the stick contains a base receptacle sort of a factor which is able to slide beneath the article of furniture and keep it anchored whereas you're lifting it.

Furniture lifters will go with 2 totally different sorts of sliders. Sliders are accustomed move the article of furniture from one place to a different. because the name implies, it slides the article of furniture terribly simply and swimmingly with a mild push. 2 totally different sorts of sliders are slippy pads and rollers.

Furniture lifters may be supplied with totally different sizes and shapes of slippy pads. It may be spherical, square, massive or little. it's terribly skinny and might be fabricated from plastics or rubber. Whichever material it's fabricated from it's to be terribly sleek and slippery to slip over the ground. one article of furniture lifter will contain verity of pads with it. you're attending to opt for the right pad in keeping with the article of furniture you are getting ready to move.

To place the slippy pads, you have got to level up one corner of the article of furniture at a time and place the pads thereunder. once you are done putting the pads the article of furniture is prepared to push to be settled.

The rollers are created to maneuver the article of furniture from one place to a different. The roller contains a flat base at its high and wheel at the lowest. once more you have got to lever up the corners of the article of furniture and gently place the rollers thereunder. once all the corners are placed on top of the rollers it's able to move.

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