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Product Introduction

1) Top quality recliner frame;

2) Classic American style look.

3) Fabric/PU cover.

4) High density sponge applied for seat.

5) At least 3 years quality guarantee.

6) Fire-retardant standard foam or cover optional.

How to build Your Couch Taller

Some couches appear to drop your buns on the ground. obtaining up will be even additional uncomfortable. normal couch seat height ought to be no not up to regarding seventeen inches. If you reside in a very tiny area wherever the eating room is an element of the lounge, you would possibly wish to spice up your couch up higher than the quality height to use at the board. There are multiple choices to form your couch taller.

Add completely different Legs

Many couches have identical style of leg: a brief peg with a 1/2-inch bolt extending from the highest. The bolt on the leg screws into a customary 1/2-inch T-nut on all-time low of the couch. Flip the couch the other way up. Unscrew the legs together with your hands and take away them. Use the leg as a respect to order taller legs on-line, or head to virtually any used article of furniture store. Such businesses typically have legs that are off from older couches that didn't build it to the saleroom floor. you would possibly even notice a Junker couch at a thrift store that you just might purchase. If it's taller legs that match, use them on your couch.

Make Your Own

If your legs are removable, unscrew them from all-time low of the couch together with your hands. live the diameter of the bolt extending from the highest of the leg. Purchase four carriage bolts therein diameter with enough length to submit to 2 blocks of scrap wood. A bolt contains a long, rib shaft, with sq. shoulders at the highest to stay it from twisting in wood. Drill the opening through the blocks, and countersink the opening to a depth of regarding 1/2-inch. Bolt the scrap blocks to all-time low of the couch victimization the T-nut inserts from the recent legs. Add a additional blocks pro re nata by intercourse or nailing them to the bottoms of the antecedently put in blocks. The blocks match flush over the highest of the countersunk bolt. Sand the blocks with 100-grit sandpaper till swish. Color them with a stain marker if desired. faucet floor glides into the bottoms of every new leg with a hammer. Floor glides appear as if thumbtacks on steroids. they need a pointy tip to penetrate wood simply. the highest contains a swish sailing surface that's kind to floors.

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