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a comfortable, cozy rocking chair for your little girl. Perfect for an afternoon nap after a hectic day at work, and much easier than the old, heavy, wooden rocking chairs these days! With a beautiful wood finish, your little girl will have hours of fun rocking in her new rocking chair!

Rocking chairs are a terrific addition to your nursery. They can be an excellent place to hold play dates with your kids, or to keep you company when you want to get away from it all for a few minutes. But if you don't have the room to hang a rocking chair on the side of the bed, how do you make one? A rocking chair can be made to order, usually for a reasonable cost. A couple of key pieces that make up a rocking chair are the cradle and the rocker itself. The cradle can either be purchased separately, or you can purchase one that already has a cradle included. Some rocking chairs even come with a built-in cradle, so that it's just as cute as a cradle on a wooden rocking chair!

Before you put your rocking chair in the crib, first take it out to the nursery. Set it on the floor and walk around with it until you are sure that it's safe. Make sure the rocks aren't too big for your baby. You don't want to hurt her with one too big! Check the rocks for damage or wear. Don't forget to check the straps for any loose strings or hooks. If anything breaks, it can be fixed easily by simply adding a glue to tack or patch.

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